Cruise Ship Excursions

visiting St. Thomas on a Cruise ship, no problem! we are the private St. Thomas Boat Rental company for you! Break free from the crowds and do your own exploring. With Empire Boat Charters you will not have to worry about getting on a crowded excursion boat and snorkeling with hundreds of snorkelers. we make it our mission to make your day on the water the best day of your vacation by taking you and your family to off the beaten path destinations. 

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Flexible Start Times

We can be flexible with our Cruise Ship Excursion times for the USVI full day Charters only.  cruise ships arrive/depart at different times and we understand this. We can adjust your arrival and drop off at our dock at American Yacht Harbor in Red Hook to maximize your time on the water having fun! 

We Will Get You The Information

once you book your boat charter with us you will receive an email with a lot of useful information including our go to taxi driver number to streamline your experience and fun!